Designer Donna Karan has become something of a mascot for the modern urban woman. Her clothing and accessories are emblems of stylish city life and DKNY is the label that makes the Donna Karan culture accessible to everyday women. Karan is famous for her system of dressing, which highlights key pieces that are essential to an upwardly mobile woman who balances career, family, and social life with grace and style. The brand captures the essence of New York City style, transforming it into something that’s relatable no matter where you live.
DKNY springs from the Donna Karan brand with a youthful awareness that make it a perennial favorite for fashion lovers. The styles are conscious of trends, but not so given to fads as to be disposable. The classic ballet flats always feature a little stylish twist and are still suitable for more casual work environments. Sport a highly styled walking shoe or pair of peep toes to look sharp on those busy errand days. DKNY shoes have the look, quality and comfort to keep up with you with when you are on the go – in the city or in the suburbs!