When it comes to British style no brand is more quintessential than Burberry. The brand is synonymous with classic luxury with a distinctly UK flavor. Fashion lovers will be happy to find that Burberry is much more than the trench coat for which the brand is so well known. An entire range of clothing and shoes from the label brings a 150+ year old tradition of high-end fashion into the modern century. The famous Burberry check print is immediately recognizable and unique, yet has such a broad reach as to appeal to a variety of people.
Burberry has a unique ability to be both timeless and trendy as the same time. The brand has old world credentials while standing firmly on the cutting edge of the new world. In fact, under the direction of Christopher Bailey, Burberry has become a leader in fashion innovation. The shoes maintain a foundation in classic style but with touches that make them very relevant. This is a brand that doesn’t chase the trends, it makes the trends that become the must-have styles each season. Wear a pair of Burberry flats with a skirt, jeans, or slacks to add a touch of enviable luxury to your look.